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Sickle Cell Disease Implementation Consortium Project

Duke University is one of eight centers collaborating as a national consortium to improve the lives of individuals with sickle cell disease. The…

Disseminating NIH Evidence-Based Sickle Cell Recommendations

The purpose of this study is to disseminate and implement decision-support tools throughout North and South Carolina. The tools are intended to…


A Comparison of Individualized vs. Weight Based Protocols to Treat Vaso-Occlusive Episodes in Sickle Cell Disease COMPARE-VOE is a phase III…

Provider Information

A number of adult and pediatric treatment algorithms and health maintenance guides were adapted from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute…

Co-Management & Care Management

Co-Management is an evidence-based model of care for treating individuals living with chronic diseases. It's use in sickle cell disease is…

Opportunities for Primary Care Clinicians to Participate in Research

If you are a primary care clinician, please click here to find out ways that you can participate in current SCD research or see some recent findings.

Opportunities to Improve SCD Care in Your ED

Click here to learn more about how your ED can participate in a monthly sickle cell learning collaborative.

Educational Resources

Here you will find the Emergency Department Vaso-Occlusive Crisis Management Algorithm.

Care Management Referral & Care Management

The ED SCD Care Management Referral Form is designed for use in emergency departments and connects patients to their individual assigned case manager.

Ways to Get Involved in Research

Participate in our Sickle Cell Registry. We want to learn how you GROW UP and LIVE WITH sickle cell disease. Click for more info.

Why is primary care so important?

Co-Management is an evidence-based model of care for treating individuals living with chronic diseases. Its use in sickle cell disease is…

Information About Self-Care

Please click here to find more information regarding care for persons with sickle cell disease.

About CCNC

Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) is North Carolina's physician-led, community based, Medicaid Managed Care approach. It includes…

CCNC's Sickle Cell Efforts

From review of CCNC Medicaid data, consultation with providers, and consultation with the public health sickle cell program, it has become evident…

Care Managers

CCNC Care Managers are important participants in the effort to empower patients to understand and access quality, coordinated, effective health care.

QI Specialists

More information about the role of QI specialists at CCNC.

What is Co-Management?

Co-Management refers to a specialist and primary care clinician collaborating on the care of a patient with complex conditions. This means that the…

Community Care